Virginia to Possibly Remove Trinity Guardrails

Despite the fact that Trinity is retesting it's possibly defective guardrails this week the Virginia Department of Transportation is going to take bids to replace all Trinity Guardrails. The contract award is contingent on these safety tests that Trinity is doing in Jan. The bid period for new Virginia Guardrails ends on Jan 28th. Attorney General Mark Herring filed a defective guardrail lawsuit against Trinity as well on Dec 11th. VDOT spokespeople say the Trinity Lawsuit and the announcement of bids to replace Trinity Guardrails are not related.

Virginia Attorney General Trinity Lawsuit

Part of the media release from Mark Herring reads:

Attorney General Mark R. Herring brought legal action against Trinity Industries and Trinity Highway Products, LLC for selling the Commonwealth of Virginia thousands of unapproved, improperly tested, and potentially dangerous pieces of highway guardrail equipment.

Click here to read the full media release regarding Herring's Lawsuit against Trinity

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The lawsuit claims that Commonwealth purchased thousands of Trinity end caps after Trinity claimed the caps were tested and safe. It will reportedly take 4 hours to replace an individual Trinity End Cap. The lawsuit from the AG is seeking civil penalties and recovery of costs if necessary. The lawsuit wants to ensure that Trinity and tax payer money goes to the removal and installation of new guardrails. There have also been numerous individual Trinity Lawsuits filed by victims of injury and even death. Trinity has denied that it committed any fraud. Trinity lost a whistle blower lawsuit in Texas for millions of dollars but may appeal.

Virginia Trinity Guardrail Lawyers

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