Final Results for Trinity Guardrail Crash Test

The New York Times ran a long form story about the importance of the results of the final Trinity Guardrail crash test. According to the story the final crash test earlier this week were a bit different than the previous Trinity crash test results which were called "unremarkable." In this final test a 1998 GEO Metro was ran into a Trinity Guardrail at approx 60 miles per hour. After watching the video, it appears the car spun out and a section of metal struck the driver side door. There was apparent damage to the driver side door bending it inward and you can see the test dummy in the car. The front of the car in this Trinity Crash test video also appeared damage. Federal officials did not comment on the fact that this crash test appeared to have caused far more damage than previous Trinity crash tests.

The timeline for analyzing the Trinity Crash test data could take several weeks according to reports. Dean Sicking told the New York Times in this story that the Trinity Guardrail "Clearly Failed" in this crash test. This could have a major impact on both installations of new Trinity guardrails, the removal of Trinity Guardrails and on Trinity Guardrail lawsuits going forward. Many states who have stopped new installations of Trinity Guardrails are waiting for the results of these Trinity Guardrail tests in Texas. Some states have already began removing Trinity Guardrails, which is expensive and costs tax payers money. There has been much controversy even to how these Trinity Guardrail tests are being conducted and which Trinity Guardrails are actually being tested. In our previous story, Josh Harman stated to ABC 13 News that the Guardrails being tested in these critical crash tests are NOT the same guardrails that are on the roads. The guardrails that are currently being tested are a new version that Trinity created in 2012 and have significant design changes.

A failure in this crash test with all the questions around the methods of the Trinity Guardrails could lead to more Trinity guardrail lawsuits being filed. There have already been a number of lawsuits being filed by victims who have been seriously injured, lost limbs and in some cases died.

Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits

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