More Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits Filed

There are reports of additional Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits being filed around the United States. There are some plaintiffs seeking compensation for some horrific injuries that may have been caused by these defective guardrails. This comes after a design change that Trinity reported made as a cost cutting measure. The design change is causing the guardrail to act as a spear and impaling and cutting into the car and injuring passengers. Some of the latest Trinity Guardrail lawsuits include:

A man in North Carolina was driving a Nissan Sentra crashed into a guardrail. The guardrail pierced the car and sent the driver into the backseat. The victim needed to be rushed into emergency and intensive care.

A woman in Virgina was driving on the highway with her child. That vehicle hit a Trinity Guardrail, the guardrail entered the car and pinned her child to the roof of the car. The mother suffered broken bones.

Another man in North Carolina also driving on a highway hit a guardrail. The guardrail sliced into the car causing the man to lose both of his legs.

Defective Guardrail Lawyers

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