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Fox 5 in Atlanta reports on the Dangers of Trinity Guardrails

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Nashville Begins to Remove Trinity Guardrails after Serious Accidents

On Dec 8th Metro in Nashville begain the process of removing dangerous Trinity Guardrails all around the greater Nashville area. It was reported that a 3 year old boy died in a crash with a Trinity Guardrail. Trinity is facing Defective Guardrail lawsuits all around the country. To watch the story on Nashville and Trinity Defective guardrails click below

WSMV Channel 4

Nashville Tennessee Removes Trinity Guardrail after Investigation

The Channel I-Team did an investigation into Trinity Defective Guardrails after learning of guardrail accidents in Nashville. A young man lost his legs after an accident involving a Trinity Guardrail. There have been Trinity Guardrail lawsuits filed around the country. To watch the investigation by the news team in Channel over Trinity Defective guardrails in Nashville click below.

Texas Victim of Defective Guardrail Accident Now a Paraplegic

A woman outside of Dallas was in an accident where she hit a guardrail that tore through the car. She suffered multiple injuries, required nearly 30 opperations. She has filed a Dallas Defective Guardrail Lawsuit. Her medical bills from the defective guardrail lawsuit left her a million dollars in debt. Watch the video below on this tragic defective guardrail accident.

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