City in Canada Sues Trinity Guardrail for $500 million

A Canadian city has joined in on other cities and states in the United States in a lawsuit against Trinity Industries over possibly defective guardrails. The city of Stratford, Canada has filed a lawsuit against Trinity Industries for $500 million dollars. In the Trinity Guardrail lawsuit complaint it reads in part:

"Trinity was aware of multiple serious failures of their secretly modified ET-Plus guardrail end terminals, but continued to manufacture and sell the modified version without disclosing the changes, resulting in tens of thousands of the units being installed across Canada. It is believed that there are tens of thousands of these defective, secretly modified, ET-Plus guardrail end terminals on the highways, as well as provincial and municipal roadways, across Canada."

The Guardrail complaint also alleges the Trinity Industries "mislead" it's customers by not notifying them of the guardrail design change. There is no information on how many injuries and deaths were caused by these defective guardrails in Canada. Also, we have not confirmed that any individual personal injury lawsuits have been filed in Canada against Trinity Industry Guardrails. ABC News first learned of the Canadian Trinity Lawsuit when Trinity themselves revealed the information in a shareholder meeting. Trinity had no comment on this latest lawsuit regarding the possibly defective guardrails. This is now the 3rd Trinity Guardrail Class Action lawsuit. Previous Guardrail Class Action lawsuits were filed in Illinois and Wisconsin, both accusing Trinity Industry of Fraud.

Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits

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